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 I've done this a few times before, primarily for TCDBBS's home page, so bear with me as I'm still not very certain what I want to go on my personal web page (and may never be). If you wish to offer any suggestions for spicing this web page up a bit, feel free to drop me a note, my email address and other means to be reached are listed below. (Obviously this is going to be updated as I decide what things are most appropriate for my personal web page ... Ok, and as I get time to deal with it too, keeping in mind that I'm only using notepad to create this page fully by hand...)

My name is Emanuel Sacks, but most of my friends call me Conner which is a nickname I acquired years ago from one of my AD&D character's whose name was Conner Destron.  I'm 36 years old, going on 50 with the aide of my children. I spend a normal portion of my life working towards paying my bills by trying to find a job these days, though I'm always looking for work as a computer information technology professional, but the majority of my time used to be spent as the president (CEO) of The Castle's Dungeon Inc. for which I was also the primary sysop of resume to this web site for any prospective employers who might visit.

In the meantime, I had started another company called The Gift Sack which sold all kinds of really cool gift and novelty items, but because of lack of interest/sales, this too has "gone dark".

I had moved back to Northern Virginia (early July of 2000) for work, but the company I was employed by went bankrupt and I couldn't afford the cost of living in the DC area without a real income, so we had to move back to Albuquerque around March of 2002.

After a brief stint with Akal Security as a Patrol Supervisor, I tried my luck with Kelly Services which assigned me to work at Sprint, then Intel, then at Wells Fargo Bank. While at Wells Fargo Bank, I met a new friend named Kani, but more about her shortly...

While I was working at Kelly Services (at the Wells Fargo Bank assignment), Debi decided to leave me and asked me for a divorce. After I'd filed for my divorce my new friend Kani rented a room from me. Once the divorce was granted in April of 2004, I sold my house and took my new friend with me to Bristol, Virginia. Kani and I have "moved in together" and become more than friends when I learned that we had more common interests than I'd initially guessed because I was so distracted by the divorce. I've bought us a place between Glade Spring and Abingdon in Virginia where we live together currently. Unfortunately, we're both still unemployed and looking for work. In the meantime, we've started another company called Computer Services By Sacks & Chung which offers accounting services and any sort of business or personal computer assistance you might desire. This new company is also sponsering the return of The Castle's Dungeon BBS and the Land Of Legends MUD. For more specifically about these two great services, visit their web page at, to try either out, just click on their names in the preceding sentence.

I'm slowly getting around to updating this web site every now and then, a little at a time, I certainly welcome your feedback in my guestbook (see below)... I spend my few off hours enjoying time with Kani and our children. I also enjoy a great many other things, which range from poetry to collecting stuff and playing games to driving cars. I'd like to think I have a very good sense of humor, but I'd have to let you judge that for yourself. I'm a natural turkey, being born on or about thanksgiving, which makes me a sagittarian, although the day I was actually born on happened to be a Wednesday ("Wednesday's child is full of woe", eh?), for those of you who might be interested in that.

If you'd like to know more about me or, to give me feedback on this web site, send me an email at my primary email account, or my secondary email account, or even at my tertiary email account, or at my... better yet, just post a note in my guest book below. (They give these email accounts out for free with nearly everything you try to do online lately!) or drop me a note via AIM as Conner Destron, or on MSN Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger as Conner_Destron, or even on ICQ as #3787168. (Due to the sheer quantity of spam ICQ generates, you might need to contact me one of the other listed ways to have me add you to my contact list for ICQ before I'll get your message.) Of course, the best way to reach me is to telnet to the BBS at or the mud, Lands of Legends, at port 4000 where you can often find me online upwards of 10+ hours between the two each day when I'm given the opportunity... I'm always pretty busy, but generally I try to be available to talk.

I'm often asked what the best telnet or mud client is, the simple answer is I don't know, it depends on what features you want in one. But I can tell you that I personally use a program call CommNet as my favorite telnet client, although these days even just the hyperterm that comes with Windows or the telnet console interface that comes with Windows and Linux work more than adequately, I also use a program called zMUD or one called gMUDix (when I'm using Linux) as mud clients.

By the way, now that you've read through the write up part, be sure to scroll down the rest of the main page here slowly so that you can see all my extra goodies that I've found/made and added to the site lately, and be sure to try out the various links, some of them do cool things for you, some do cool things for me, and some do cool things for both of us! I've even finally gotten the counter working! ;)

There's more to come, so visit again every so often, or use the link below to register for email notification when this page gets updated again. :)

In any event, check it all out and enjoy the parts you like. :)


[Finally Here!]

I've been asked many times over the years to post a scanned image of myself on my web page and it looks like I finally can do that now! In fact, if you click any of these pictures, now that I have access to a scanner, you can see more pictures of me and my family! (Please note that I've started hosting my own site again and havn't bothered to update these pictures in years so they're out-dated and don't show my newest family members at all.)

[My ex-wife & me]
Click the picture above of this link to see pictures of the ex-wife and her former husband, Conner (who made this website)
[Our darling little angels]
Click the picture above of this link to see pictures of "Our darling little Angels"...
[My extended family]
Click the picture above of this link to see pictures of the rest of our family that I've posted pictures of so far.

I've posted more pictures, particularly of my new family... but not to this site. *shrug*

Feel free to check out some of my favorite links if you have the time, you can even add your own favorite links to the list too!

 This web page was created on January 29th, 1998 entirely by hand and was first posted to New Mexico's Technical Vocational Institute's web servers a couple of days later and then relocated to AOL's web servers on May 28th, 1998 and was again updated when I relocated it to Tripod's web servers on June 14th, 2000, and was most recently updated September 1, 2007, (Wow, had I really last updated this back on December 17, 2004?) thanks for noticing the changes. ;) For those of you who may find it interesting, while I have tried out quite a few web page design softwares in my time, this page is, and always has been, entirely hand coded. What can I say, I'm old-school enough to feel that "Notepad" is still the best html software available... though even I have to admit that I've seen and tried a few programs that are really nice, including one that you can find a link to at the bottom of this page by a company called Trellian... well, okay, I don't really use "notepad" anymore, but I do still only use a text editor, in this case it's one I've found that I really like called EditPad Lite, it's free and much nicer than notepad.


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